ISI launches a Gen3 Pulser module for the WLA-3000STT-MRAM Analyzer

Integral Solutions International (ISI) announced a new module the WLA-3000 STT-MRAM Wafer Level Analyzer, the Gen3 Pulser. The new module is optimally matched with its proprietary probecard interface to produce programmable pulses as low as 5nS, with in-situ ability to perform ultra-fast measurements on the MTJs after pulsing.

The tester can be equipped with either the single or dual-channel pulse generator modules for improved UPH. The Gen3 Pulser module was redesigned to speed up Pulse related tests by an order of magnitude and features new Error Rate test (it can measure Error Rate of 10^6 in approximately 2 seconds). It is noew possible to characterize error rate as a function of VBias, Pulse Width/Amplitude, Field and other sweep parameters.

Posted: Dec 14,2013 by Ron Mertens