Power Spin

Power Spin was established in 2018 as a spin-off from Tohoku University, with an aim of commercializing its spintronics and MRAM technologies. 

Power Spin is offering several services, including design services for STT-MRAM and IoT devices and AI chips based on spintronics and CMOS hybrid technology, MRAM prototyping services, IP licensing, and consultations.

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QuantumWise logoQuantumWise is a provider of software solutions for development of nanotechnology. QuantumWise bought the assets of Atomistix after it went bankrupt in January 2009. The company is working in close collaboration with the Nano-Science Center at the Niels Bohr Institute of Copenhagen University. QuantumWise was acquired by Synopsys in 2017.

QuantumWise is offering a system of integrated software modules that can accurately calculate properties associated with electron distribution and transport. The software can accurately simulate experiments with spin-dependent transport, as encountered in Tunneling Magnetoresistance (TMR) technologies and Magnetic Nanowires. The software is called "Atomistix Toolkit" (or ATK).

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US-based Rambus was established in 1990 as a technology licensing company, famous for its IP on DDR-SDRAM memory. Besides memory systems, the company is also developing security solutions, mobile media integration platforms, LED lighting products and more.

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Rangduru logoEstablished in 2011 in the US, Rangduru developed an MRAM memory structure called DX MRAM that uses a cell structure that is twice as dense as current MRAM structures.

Rangduru operates in a fabless model and develops both discrete MRAM chips and embedded MRAM technologies.

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Samsung logoSamsung is a large Korean conglomerate focusing on electronics, displays (both LCDs and OLEDs) and semiconductors. Samsung is a leading memory producer and is researching several next-generation memory technologies, including RRAM and MRAM.

Samsung collaborates with several companies on STT-MRAM technologies, including Hynix and IBM.In April 2016 Samsung's semiconductor unit manager said that Samsung will be ready with MRAM chips soon.

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Silicon Laude

Silicon Laude (pronounced "Laudee") was a privately held, fabless semiconductor company headquartered in Austin, Texas. Formed in 2005, Silicon Laude was primarily a service-oriented company specializing in low-to-medium volume and quick-turn production of standard and customized microcontroller IC designs for select customers.

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Siltene was a start-up company that was spun-off the University Paris Sud to develop proprietary back end solution to treat magnetic materials for enhancing their performances, reducing manufacturing costs and improving yield.

Siltene technology could be used for both HDD and MRAM applications.

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Singulus technologies

Singulus technologies (ETR:SNG) is a German-based company that focuses on manufacturing equipment for optical discs. Singulus' products range from mastering and injection molding to replication lines.

Singulus is offering its TIMARIS machine for Thin Film read/write heads (up to 300mm wafers), used in MRAM production, and has already sold several systems (we know that Grandis and Crocus have acquired at least one of these systems each).

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Spin Memory

Spin Memory logoSpin Memory (previously Spin Transfer Technologies), established by established by NYU and Allied Minds, is developing STT-MRAM devices based on its Orthogonal Spin Transfer MRAM (OST-MRAM) technology.

In November 2018 Spin Memory licensed its Endurance Engine MRAM technology to Arm. In 2016 Spin Memory produced 20nm OST-MRAM MTJs, and said it is preparing to start delivering samples to select customers. In 2015 the company raised $70 million (in addition to $36 million raised in 2012) and in November 2018 the company announced its $52 million Series B funding round.

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Spin-Ion Technologies

Spin-Ion Technologies logoSpin-Ion Technologies, established in 2017 as a spin-off from CNRS, developed a unique patented process that increases the performance of MRAM magnetic layers - by improving the homogeneity, increasing the magnetic performance and increasing yields.

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Tegal Corporation was involved in plasma etch and deposition systems that enable the production of IC memory and related microelectronics devices.

Tegal supplied etch solutions to makers of advanced "non-volatile" ferroelectric (FeRAM) and magnetic (MRAM) devices. In 2010, the company sold its etch business to SPTS.

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Tokyo Electron

Tokyo Electron (TEL), established in 1963 is based in Japan and is a global supplier of semiconductor and FPD production equipment worldwide. Product lines include coater/developers, thermal processing systems, plasma etch systems, CVD systems, surface preparation systems, and test systems.

In November 2012 TEL acquired Magnetic Solutions, a magnetic annealing systems developer.

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Toshiba is a diversified manufacturer and marketer of advanced electronic and electrical products. Toshiba has an active MRAM research program, focusing on Perpendicular STT-RAM.

Toshiba reported several advances, and in 2015 presented a highly-efficient test chip.

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