Spingate: a new startup to develop Perpendicular-MRAM

Spingate is a new US-based fabless company focusing on development, licensing and manufacturing of solid state memory, specifically, perpendicular MRAM.

We have talked to Dr. Alex Shukh, Spingate's co-founder, CTO and CEO. Alex explains that they have decided to focus on perpendicular MRAM because according to their estimates it does not suffer from several fundamental issues of its longitudinal (in-plane) analogue.

However, to be successful with p-MRAM development, Spingate needs to solve several serious problems, such as, a reduction of energy consumption during writing, development of new magnetic materials with perpendicular anisotropy for storage and reference layers exhibiting high GMR, etc.

Spingate's IP portfolio already includes one granted and several pending patents on p-MRAM, which covers multi-bit cell, 3D-memory designs, etc. The proposed solutions should close existing cell density gap between MRAM and Flash since 2D-Flash won't be able to compete with 3D-MRAM. Spingate are currently working on cell design development and optimization, and is looking for investors.

Posted: Nov 05,2009 by Ron Mertens