Hynix licenses Grandis' STT-RAM technology

Hynix Semiconductor and Grandis have signed a license agreement for memory products involving Grandis' patents and intellectual property (IP) in the spin-transfer torque random access memory (STT-RAM) arena.

Hynix and Grandis have also entered into a collaborative agreement to jointly integrate Grandis' STT-RAM technology into Hynix' future memory products. Technical teams from both companies will work together to implement Grandis' STT-RAM technology, including magnetic tunnel junction (MTJ) materials and structures.

While existing memory technologies prove to be difficult for manufacturing beyond the 40-nm process node, STT-RAM shows scalability with shrinking design rules, which translates to greater density and lower cost per die, according to the company. STT-RAM also consumes less power than existing mainstream memories, and provides endurance as well as fast read/write capability, according to the company.

Posted: Apr 02,2008 by Ron Mertens