Crocus and Grandis present their MRAM tech at the Flash Memory Summit 2009

The final day of the Flash Memory Summit started with a panel on new memory technologies.

Crocus Technologies presented their TAS MRAM design which is targeted at SRAM and flash applications. Their product compared to SRAM at a 25% smaller cell, adding Non-Volatile capability, and a zero standby current. The product compared to NAND flash by having a smaller cell and only 1X area overhead for controlling circuitry. It is currently being built on a 130nm node and can be scaled. It is targeted at Cache memory, data logging, medical instrumentation, casino gaming and industrial control applications. They are targeting several business models - selling the standard product ICs, licensing IP a process technology licensing service and providing a foundry service.

Grandis displayed their SST-RAM. Their product is a Universal Memory replacement that can be used for DRAM, SRAM or Flash applications. The current design utilized a low power operation, scalability below 45nm and a much simpler design and mfg process that the first generation products. It is targeted at automotive, handset, and combined PC applications where it is the central memory for most NV, SRAM cache and high performance DRAM functions. They are targeting a business model of products, IP and technology licensing.

Posted: Aug 16,2009 by Ron Mertens