Samsung and Hynix to launch STT-MRAM JV in September, expect the chip to mature around 2012

Samsung and Hynix are to launch their STT-RAM JV in September (after having announced their intentions in January 2008).

The companies said they will engage in joint research and development (R&D) of spin-torque-transfer magnetic-random-access-memory (STT-MRAM) chips, and become the industry standard-setters for the next generation 450mm wafer fab market.

They added that if the joint R&D venture on STT-MRAM is successful, the companies will be able to fend off Japanese competitors trying to regain dominance in the semiconductor sector and generate an estimated $500 million worth of royalty earnings.

The global market for the new chip is expected to mature around 2012.

Posted: Jun 25,2008 by Ron Mertens