IBM's next-gen FlashCore modules to feature Everspin's 1 Gbg STT-MRAM

Everspin announced that IBM has chosen the PERSYST EMD4E001G 1Gb STT-MRAM for use in their FlashCore Module 4.

Everspin 1Gb STT-MRAM chip photo

Everspin says that its EMD4E001G high-performance persistent memory ensures critical data integrity even during power loss. With a DDR4 interface, it delivers 2.7 gigabytes/second of both read and write bandwidth, coupled with instant non-volatility.



Everspin launched the PERSYST product line branding last month, and it includes the legacy Toggle MRAM, the DDR4-like 1Gb STT-MRAM, and the innovative EMxxLX xSPI family of persistent memory products.

Posted: May 03,2024 by Ron Mertens