Hynix and Numonyx to make NAND and mobile DRAM together, might drop STT-MRAM program

Flash and DRAM manufacturers Hynix and Numonyx will jointly develop NAND flash and mobile phone DRAM product over a 5-year term.

The two suppliers have signed an agreement to expand their existing program with stated aims being:

  • Expand their program for NAND flash and broaden NAND product lines.
  • Collaborate on mobile DRAM technology for mobile phones.

Hynix has licensed STT-MRAM from Grandis, and Numonyx has inherited Intel's PCM memory technology. A possible component of the agreement is a choice of a joint flash+DRAM technology with either PCM or STT-MRAM being discarded.

Posted: Aug 08,2008 by Ron Mertens