Crocus buys MRAM measurement equipment from CAPRES A/S

CAPRES logoCrocus announced today that it has implemented CIPtech, the newest tool from CAPRES A/S, for enabling measurements associated with advanced Spin Torque Technology (STT). This unique new tool, designed especially for the MRAM and magnetic recording Read Head industries, enables Crocus to determine tunneling resistance on MTJ films prior to final test. With this upgrade, measurement that used to require weeks of sample preparation can now be performed within minutes.

The CIPTech platform is used for measuring the critically important tunneling resistance and magneto-resistance (RA MR) directly on blanket magnetic tunnel junction (MTJ) films for MRAM (Magnetic Random Access Memory) and magnetic recording Read Head applications. The latest vertical magnetic field capability of the tool allows characterizing next-generation MRAM devices based on Spin Torque Transfer (STT). With this tool, Crocus is now equipped for efficient prototyping and manufacturing of advanced STT.

As we reported last month, Crocus is planning to have MRAM products by the end of the year, and are also working on STT-RAM.


Posted: Apr 17,2009 by Ron Mertens