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Company that makes MRAM manufacturing equipment

Leuven Instruments

Leuven Instruments logoJiangsu Leuven Instruments was established in 2017 by Leuven Instruments of Belgium and the Institute of Microelectronics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. The company develops and produces semiconductor etching equipment and process development equipment, especially for magnetic material etching technology.

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Tokyo Electron

Tokyo Electron (TEL), established in 1963 is based in Japan and is a global supplier of semiconductor and FPD production equipment worldwide. Product lines include coater/developers, thermal processing systems, plasma etch systems, CVD systems, surface preparation systems, and test systems.

In November 2012 TEL acquired Magnetic Solutions, a magnetic annealing systems developer.

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MicroSense (previously known as ADE Technologies) designs precision capacitive position sensors and vibrating sample magnetometers for magnetic measurement.

For the MRAM market, MicoSense offers the Polar Kerr System which provides 300-mm non-contact magnetic property metrology system for perpendicular MRAM. The system utilizes the polar Magneto-Optical Kerr Effect (MOKE) to characterize the magnetic properties of multi-layer wafers used in the development and manufacturing of perpendicular MRAM.

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Integral Solutions Int’l (ISI)

ISI logoIntegral Solutions Int, (ISI) is a privately held US-based company that supplies Quasi Static Testers for characterizing Magneto-Resistive type heads.

ISI's product suite includes QST testers for every stage of manufacturing. ISI says that about 85% of the entire head production for the HDD industry is being tested on ISI's equipment.

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Capres A/S

CAPRES logoCapres A/S is a Danish company established in 1999 to develop and market a unique probe technology designed for in-line production monitoring in the semiconductor industry. The company was acquired by KLA and is now a wholly-owned subsidiary.

Capres, in collaboration with IBM developed a resistivity measurement technique to characterize MTJ stacks used in HDD read heads and MRAM devices.

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Singulus technologies

Singulus technologies (ETR:SNG) is a German-based company that focuses on manufacturing equipment for optical discs. Singulus' products range from mastering and injection molding to replication lines.

Singulus is offering its TIMARIS machine for Thin Film read/write heads (up to 300mm wafers), used in MRAM production, and has already sold several systems (we know that Grandis and Crocus have acquired at least one of these systems each).

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Despatch Industries

Despatch Industries logoUS-based Despatch Industries, established in 1902, is a specialized thermal-processing equipment maker. Despatch is involved in three markets - thermal, solar and carbon fiber. Despatch also offers equipment for the data storage industry.

Despatch installed the world’s first 50-wafer fully automated MRAM system at Freescale, in addition to a 300mm 50-wafer thermal chamber.

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Canon ANELVA (ANalysis ELectronics VAcuum) is a fully owned subsidiary of 
Canon Inc. that manufactures thin film processing equipment for semiconductor, data storage, and display industries based on its 50+ years of experience in vacuum technologies.

Canon ANELVA started developing PVD tool for spintronics in year 1997, when the GMR heads were emerging as a candidate for read heads for hard disk drives. Since then, the company's equipment has evolved to accommodate advancements in read head technologies - from GMR to TMR to low-RA TMR. Leveraging its expertise in magnetic thin films, Canon ANELVA started developing PVD and Etch equipment for MRAM in year 2000.

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