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Siltene was a start-up company that was spun-off the University Paris Sud to develop proprietary back end solution to treat magnetic materials for enhancing their performances, reducing manufacturing costs and improving yield.

Siltene technology could be used for both HDD and MRAM applications.

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Mountain Scientifics

Mountain Scientifics Inc (MSI), established in 1998, provided wafer level testing solutions for MRAM, magnetic sensors and magnetic head wafers.

The company's QSW-Gen3 (initially released in 1999) product was a Quasi-Static Wafer tester product for STT-MRAM and HDD devices.

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Founded in 2004, MagSil Corporation developed MRAM technology using industry-proven equipment, processes and materials. MagSil had an exclusive license to an MIT-developed technologies, including one for HD heads (the company filed suits against Seagate, Hitachi, Western Digital and others, and have settled with most).

In August 2010 Magsil came out of "stealth mode", giving more info about ther technology and patents. They plan to make a 1Mb MRAM chip in 2010. The company does not seem to be in business any more.

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Tegal Corporation was involved in plasma etch and deposition systems that enable the production of IC memory and related microelectronics devices.

Tegal supplied etch solutions to makers of advanced "non-volatile" ferroelectric (FeRAM) and magnetic (MRAM) devices. In 2010, the company sold its etch business to SPTS.

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Magnetic Solutions

Magnetic Solutions (MSL) was a global supplier of high field magnetic annealing tools to the semiconductor and data storage industries.

The company's (Magnetic Annealing Tool Technology (MRT) is used in volume production of thin film heads for data storage, and in development lines for MRAM, magnetic sensors and emerging magneto-electronic applications.

In November 2012, MSL was acquired by Tokyo Electron.

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Cypress is a diversified, broadline supplier of high-performance integrated circuits for network infrastructure and access equipment.

Cypress used to develop MRAM technologies and even started sampling chips in early 2005. Later that year, Cypress decided to sell its MRAM subsidiary.

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