SOT-MRAM developer Antaios raises $11 million

SOT-MRAM developer Antaios raised $11 million from VCs and Applied Ventures, to accelerate its next-generation memory development and develop new strategic partnerships.

SOT-MRAM vs STT-MRAM bitcell

SOT-MRAM devices feature switching of the free magnetic layer done by injecting an in-plane current in an adjacent SOT layer, unlike STT-MRAM where the current is injected perpendicularly into the magnetic tunnel junction and the read and write operation is performed through the same path.

Antaios, established in 2017 in France, is developing SOT-MRAM technology based on research performed at SPINTEC. Other groups around the world are also developing SOT-MRAM technologies, including IMEC, ITRI, NTU and others.

Posted: Sep 17,2020 by Ron Mertens