Avalanche sign an agreement with UMC for 28nm embedded STT-MRAM technology

pMTJ STT-MRAM developer Avalanche Technology announced that it has entered into a joint development and production agreement with Taiwan's United Microelectronics Corporation (UMC), a global semiconductor foundry.

UMC will provide embedded non-volatile STT-MRAM blocks based on UMC's 28nm CMOS manufacturing process, which will enable customers to integrate low latency, very high performance and low power embedded MRAM memory blocks into MCUs and SoCs, targeting the Internet of Things, wearable, consumer, industrial and automotive electronics markets.

UMC and Avalanche Technology are also considering to expand the cooperation beyond 28nm.

In February 2016 Avalanche Technology raised $23 million and announced it has a substantial debt facility in place with Horizon Technology Finance. In 2016 the company also entered into a manufacturing agreement with Sony Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation (SSMC) for volume production of its STT-MRAM on 300 mm wafers. The production of 4Mb to 64Mb discrete chips was planned to begin in early 2017. Avalanche started to sample 32Mb and 64Mb STT-MRAM chips in 2015.

Posted: Aug 07,2018 by Ron Mertens