Imec and Tokyo Electron to collaborate on STT-MRAM R&D

Imec and Tokyo Electron (TEL) have decided to extend their current collaboration to include joint R&D on STT-MRAM, which will take place within imec’s research and development program on emerging memory technologies.

TEL installed a Tactras etch tool at imec's 300mm clean room. This enables imec and TEL to jointly develop the patterning processes for high-density STT-MRAM technology. The Tactras is designed for in-situ cluster patterning of the Magnetic Tunnel Junction (MTJ) stack, which is key for advanced memory technology nodes.

Earlier today Imec announced it will also enter in an STT-MRAM R&D program with Canon Anelva. It's great to see this large research center accelerating its STT-MRAM development.

Posted: Nov 12,2012 by Ron Mertens