Imec to collaborate with Canon Anelva on STT-MRAM R&D

Belgian's research center Imec announced today that it will collaborate with Canon Anelva on STT-MRAM research and development. This collaboration will be part of imec's R&D program on advanced emerging memory technologies and aims to explore the full technology potential of STT-MRAM including performance beyond 1ns and scalability beyond 10 nm for embedded & stand alone applications.

Canon Anelva already installed a deposition tool in imec’s state-of-the-art 300-mm clean room. Combined with imec’s advanced litho-cluster and its material engineering capabilities, imec’s industrial partners now have access to a complete 300-mm STT-MRAM-dedicated processing capability.

Imec and Canon will also want to establish a baseline process for magnetic tunnel junctions (MTJs), joint R&D on thin film deposition and stack engineering for high-density STT-MRAM, and the development of integrated STT-MRAM devices.

Posted: Nov 12,2012 by Ron Mertens