The EU $1 billion Graphene Flagship project calls out to find MRAM tool developer partners

The $1 billion EU Graphene Flagship project has announced a call out for new industrial partner to provide specific industrial and technology transfer capabilities to enhance the current consortium.

One of the work packages include a €200,000 project that seeks an MRAM tools developer to leverage solutions for graphene-spintronic stacks.

The full description

We look for an industrial thin film vacuum deposition tools developer, specialized in MRAM stacks on 300mm scale. The company should be able to adapt its equipment and provide innovative deposition solutions to leverage GRM-spintronic co-integration issues. The primary objective is to be able to deposit MRAM stacks on GRMs, on 300mm scale, with following requirements:

  • Physical vapour deposition (PVD) growth, since this is the only industrial method for MRAM technology
  • Minimized degradation during deposition on the GRMOptimization of magnetic tunnel junction properties onto the GRM, aiming at perpendicularly magnetized stacks to address industry requirements.

All of the work must be carried out on 300mm compatible tools, and the optimized process will be used to integrate GRM-based spintronic technology into the IMEC FAB300 environment.

Posted: May 09,2019 by Ron Mertens