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SpinEdge Ltd. is an Israeli company, founded in 2022. The Company’s team consists of experts in spintronics, AI, advanced nanomanufacturing and high-tech business.

SpinEdge is aiming to revolutionize AI inference and Edge computing performance based on SOT-MRAM technology. SpinEdge says that its AI accelerator achieves x10 improvement in TOPS (Tera operations per second), and at least x50 times in TOPS/W energy efficiency against today’s most advanced GPUs and AI accelerators.

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California Memory Technologies - MEMTECH

California Memory Technologies logoUS-based California Memory Technologies Inc, known as Memtech, offers a complete MRAM ecosystem-which includes silicon-proven MRAM Controllers, physical interface (PHY) IPs, software and reference designs.

Memtech uses its proprietary technology to build MRAM enabled Chiplets as drop-in/swap/seamless replacement for Flash, SRAM and EEPROM memories.

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Hprobe logoHprove was established in March 2017 as a spin-off from SPINTEC, with an aim to develop and produce wafer-level testing equipment for magnetic devices. The company developed a unique patented technology of multidimensional magnetic field generator for STT-MRAM and TMR sensors wafer level characterization and testing.

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MRAM-Info, launched in 2004 and based in Israel, is a knowledge hub and web publication focused on MRAM technologies.

MRAM-Info provides news, resources and services to the MRAM industry and is considered to be the leading MRAM publication.

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US-based Rambus was established in 1990 as a technology licensing company, famous for its IP on DDR-SDRAM memory. Besides memory systems, the company is also developing security solutions, mobile media integration platforms, LED lighting products and more.

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MagOasis logoMagOasis, founded in 2006, provides design/analysis software applications and services for the information-storage and allied industries covering magnetic recoding heads, MRAM, Magnetic nanostructures devices, graphene, sensors and more.

MagOasis' MRAM-related software, Spin-Valve Bench (SVB), is a micromagnetic software for the design and analysis of advanced multi-layer spintronic devices. These include modern MRAM cells for non-volatile microelectronic applications, nanowires and magnetoresistive read-head sensors for ultra-high density recording applications.

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QuantumWise logoQuantumWise is a provider of software solutions for development of nanotechnology. QuantumWise bought the assets of Atomistix after it went bankrupt in January 2009. The company is working in close collaboration with the Nano-Science Center at the Niels Bohr Institute of Copenhagen University. QuantumWise was acquired by Synopsys in 2017.

QuantumWise is offering a system of integrated software modules that can accurately calculate properties associated with electron distribution and transport. The software can accurately simulate experiments with spin-dependent transport, as encountered in Tunneling Magnetoresistance (TMR) technologies and Magnetic Nanowires. The software is called "Atomistix Toolkit" (or ATK).

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