BMW uses new automotive-temperate Everspin MRAM in their S-1000RR super bike

Everspin announced that BMW is using their 4Mb MRAM chip (MR2A16AMYS35) in their super bike. Everspin's say that their MRAM products meet the demands of AEC-Q100 standards that are associated with a variety of automotive applications (engine control units, advanced transmission control, in-car data log and multimedia systems for in-car entertainment).

BMW is using the memory chip in their Motorrad Motorsport engine control unit (ECU) called RSM5, storing important calibration data that controls the motorcycle during a race. The MRAM chip stores adjustable engine parameters such as data related to a racing bike’s fuel injection, ignition, braking and acceleration, and is optimized before each race - with different parameters according to the river, track and race conditions.

Everspin's MRAM chips operates over an extended temperature range (-40ºC to 125ºC) and includes x8, x16 and series-SPI interfaces.

Posted: Feb 28,2011 by Ron Mertens