September 2015

ISI's wafer-level STT-MRAM analyzer gets a new 5,000 Oe perpendicular magnet

Integral Solutions International released a 5,000 Oe perpendicular magnet for WLA-3000, their wafer-level STT-MRAM analyzer. ISI says that this new magnet is optimally matched with its proprietary probe card interface to produce up to 5,000 Oe for the latest generation of STT-MRAM devices. 

The new magnet increases maximum field while also improving z-field uniformity to +/- 0.25mm, while maintaining near zero remanence fields. It can also operate with 66% higher magnetic field duty cycle compared to the previous 3,000 Oe Perpendicular Magnet system.

Read the full story Posted: Sep 29,2015