Aeroflex Colorado Springs has licensed MRAM technology from Everspin for the development of HiRel nonvolatile memory solutions for aerospace and defense applications. Aeroflex will develop 4Mb and 16Mb MRAM monolithic solutions with guaranteed total ionizing dose and single event effect hardness. Aeroflex envisions HiRel MRAM solutions being used with microprocessors, DSP engines, storage systems, instruments, and reconfigurable FPGAs that require guaranteed total ionizing dose and single event hardness.

Aeroflex’s MRAM roadmap includes a family of -55oC to +125oC, QML products offered in ceramic packages per a Standard Microcircuit Drawing (SMD). As a replacement for 3.3 volt asynchronous SRAM, Aeroflex products will be 8-bit parallel I/O solutions in densities of 4M, 16M, and 64Mbit. All products are designed to operate from a single 3.3 volt supply. With data retention after each write of 20 years and infinite read/write endurance, Aeroflex MRAM products are ideal for working memory applications that require high rates of data overwrites.