STT developed a new STT-MRAM device with an MTJ element, a major step towards commercialization

Spin Transfer Technologies (STT) developed the first STT-MRAM device that uses STT's proprietary orthogonal spin transfer technology with a magnetic tunnel junction (MTJ) for memory state read-out. Using the MTJ element makes the device compatible with CMOS logic, and takes the orthogonal spin transfer technology a major step closer to commercialization.

The new device features deterministic switching, resulting in no incubation delays, 100% probability of switching with 500 picosecond pulses utilizing only 250 femtoJoules of energy, 100% magnetoresistance ratio, providing a highly sensitive readout of the magnetic state and bipolar switching behavior (switching upon either polarity of current pulse) potentially allowing simpler or fewer CMOS elements.

STT is working towards Orthogonal Spin Transfer MRAM (OST-MRAM for short). Back in October 2008 we have interviewed Vincent Chun, the executive in charge at Spin Transfer Technologies.

Posted: Nov 19,2010 by Ron Mertens