Orthogonal Spin Transfer MRAM developer Spin Memory liquidates

Orthogonal Spin Transfer MRAM (OST-MRAM) technology developer Spin Memory is shutting down. The company's main investor and founding company, Allied Minds, said in a statement that the main reasons challenges in securing new customers and COVID-19 which "significantly delayed the required testing of its development chip with ARM".

MRAM by Spin Memory photo

This is a sad ending to Spin Memory, which began its way as Spin Transfer Technologies - a spin-off from NYU that was established together with Allied Minds.

Spin Memory raised a total of $50.5 million in several financing round from Allied Minds and other investors (the last one was in 2020, when it raised raised $8.3 million in an extension to its Series B funding. The company developed several innovative technologies, including the Universal Selector, which was said to significantly improve existing and emerging memory technology capabilities.

Spin Memory had signed several collaborations, most notably with ARM and with Tokyo Electron (TEL). Spin Memory started to produce STT-MRAM samples back in 2017.

Thank you Tom from Coughlin Associates and Jim from Objective Analysis, for the tip. These two recently released a new edition of their emerging memory market report.

Posted: Jul 15,2021 by Ron Mertens