New MRAM technologies are the spotlight at the VLSI 2005 symposium

MRAM has been considered as a potential next-gen memory technology for quite some time, and it was in the spotlight at the VLSI 2005 symposium. NEC and Toshiba jointly unveiled a new Toggle MRAM cell structure in which the magnetic tunnel junction has a multi-layered structured.

Fujitsu Laboratories presented a new approach to MRAM circuity. The company is developing embedded MRAM and they have now proposed a one-transistor/two-magnetic tunnel junction (1T/2MTJ) structure MRAM cell with a direct voltage-sensing scheme, which it said has the advantages of DRAMs. In the proposed 1T/2MTJ cell, two MTJs were connected in series. Fujitsu fabricated the test device with each MTJ measuring 0.2 x 0.4 micron and confirmed the cell operation.

Posted: Jun 20,2005 by Ron Mertens