Honeywell posts 1-Mbit rad-hard MRAM data sheet

Honeywell International Inc. has posted a data sheet for a 1-Mbit radiation-hard magnetic RAM to its website in the form of a "pdf" file. A source said the Honeywell memory is not a prototype or sample, but a commercial product. However, the specification sheet is labeled "advanced information".

The Honeywell 1-Mbit MRAM, organized as 64K by 16-bits, is fabricated in Honeywell's radiation-hardened 150-nanometer silicon-on-insulator manufacturing process technology, and is designed for use in low-voltage systems operating in radiation environments. The MRAM operates over the full military temperature range and is operated with 3.3-V and 1.8-V power supplies, according to the specification sheet.

Posted: Jun 03,2005 by Ron Mertens