GlobalFoundries and Everspin say that the pMTJ STT-eMRAM features high reliability at high temperatures

GlobalFoundries has plans to deploy Everspin's perpendicular (pMTJ) STT-MRAM as an embedded 22nm memory - as part of GF's 22FDX platform. GlobalFoundries has released a technical paper that details the eMRAM ability to retain data at high temperatures.

Global Foundries 22nm eMRAM slide

The eMRAM can retain data through solder reflow at 260 degrees Celsius, and for more than 10 years at 125 degrees Celsius, plus read/write with outstanding endurance at 125 degrees Celsius. GlobalFoundries says that this will enable eMRAM to be used for general purpose MCUs and automotive SOCs.

GF further says that Everspin's MTF stach and integration was been optimized for a 400 degree Celsius, 60-minute post-MTJ patterning thermal budget and compatible with CMOS BEOL.

GF discloses that its three major foundries are all introducing the eMRAM as a product, and customers are picking up GlobalFoundries' PDK to started designing for the new memory type. MCU customers, in the meantime, have started seriously looking at how MRAM can enhance their architectures.

Posted: Jun 30,2017 by Ron Mertens