Everspin's CEO explains the company's technology and business

Tweaktown posted an interview with Everspin's CEO, Philip LoPresti, who explains the company technology and business.

Philip says that while Everspin currently ships only 64 Mbit STT-MRAM, they have plans to increase the density up to a Gigabit within the next few years.

Philip also updates that the company already shipped over 12 million standalone MRAM chips. In August 2013 Everspin announced they sold over 10 million chips, so they sold 2 million chips in five months, which seems to be a slower rate than the company hoped for. Towards the end of the interview Philip says they they also sold over 20 million 'embedded' memories, I'm not sure what is this referring to though.

Posted: Jan 11,2014 by Ron Mertens