Everspin starts shipping perpendicular-MTJ based ST-MRAM chip samples

Everspin announced that it has started shipping samples based on its perpendicular magnetic tunnel junction (pMTJ) ST-MRAM. The first chip is the EMD3D256MB - a 256Mb DDR device. This is Everspin's 3rd-gen MRAM technology.

Everspin pMTJ EMD3D256MB photo

The pMTJ ST-MRAM offers improved performance, higher endurance, lower power, and better scalability compared to previous MRAM and ST-MRAM products. The company (together with GlobalFoundries) is now focused on the production ramp of the 256Mb MRAM and is working on a scaled-down 1Gb version.

A few months ago Everspin said that the company shipped more than 60 million MRAM discrete and embedded products - into data centers, cloud storage, energy, industrial, automotive, consumer, and transportation markets.

In October 2014 Everspin said they shipped a total of 40 million MRAM chips - which means that in a year and a half the company sold 20 million chips.

Posted: Aug 09,2016 by Ron Mertens