Aeroflex launches 16MBit and 64MBit MRAM chips, based on Everspin's technology

Aeroflex launched three MRAM chips for the aerospace and defense markets: the UT8MR2M8 (16Mbit, 40-pin flatpack) and the UT8MR8M8 (64Mbit, 64-pin flatpack). The 64Mbit chip isactually the world's highest density MRAM chip (Everspin's highest one is only 16Mbit in size).

Aeroflex is using licensed MRAM technolgoy from Everspin, and it took them two years to modify Everspin's design so it fits their target markets.

Aeroflex is already shipping sample chips, and mass production will begin in Q2 2013 (for the UT8MR8M8) and in Q3 2013 (for the UT8MR2M8).

Posted: Jul 05,2012 by Ron Mertens