Emerson Network Power to use Everspin's MRAM in their industrial computing boards

Emerson Network Power says they will use Everspin's 4Mb MRAM in three of their newest high-performance single-board computers (the MVME7100 and MVME4100 VMEbus boards and CPC16200 CompactPCI board).

EverSpin MR2A16 ChipsEverSpin MR2A16 Chips

Emerson's boards are used in industrial, medical, military, aerospace and advanced telecom platforms. 

Everspin says that in secure applications, their MRAM is capable of holding both security keys and the security algorithms that can be updated frequently during operation without concern for memory wear-out like traditional Flash memory. In addition, MRAM can be erased in just milliseconds if a concern or compromising situation occurs, minimizing potential threats to security.

Posted: Jul 14,2009 by Ron Mertens