Everspin hopes to get US government support to expand its 200 mm MRAM production capacity

Everspin Technologies announced that it has applied for the CHIPS Incentives Program, asking for funding for an additional 200mm MRAM production line. Everspin says the new funding will help it increase its long-term R&D IP capability. 

Everspin Technologies chip photo

In November 2022, Everspin asked for funding to build a new MRAM production line in Indiana.


Disclosure: the Author of this post holds shares in Everspin.

Posted: Mar 13,2024 by Ron Mertens


Nicolas Dujarrier (not verified)

It is a bit pity that Everspin is only aiming for a 200mm Fab, as 300mm Fab is a step that is really needed to significantly lower MRAM manufacturing cost.

Much, much more of the CHIPS Act financial support should be allocated to scaling-up beyond CMOS technology related to spintronics if the US really want to regain their technological leadership.

As of 2024, it seems quite obvious that spintronics is to silicon transistor, what solid state silicon transistors were to vacuum tubes in the 1950/1960s : spintronics is the next technological step in computing, and is still in the early stages of that.

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