NETSOL signs Digi-Key MRAM and SRAM distribution agreement

Netsol is pleased to announce a global distribution partnership with Digi-Key Electronics, a pivotal development in its effort to improve global access and delivery of its MRAM and SRAM  products.

Digi-Key Electronics is recognized for its immense inventory of electronic parts that are immediately available for shipment. This capability aligns perfectly with the demands of the fast-paced electronics industry, where Digi-Key has distinguished itself by ensuring rapid, efficient delivery services to its global customer base. 

Through this newly forged agreement, Digi-Key will leverage its extensive online presence, spanning over 180 countries, to market and distribute Netsol's memory products to customers around the globe.


Ray Kwon, VP of Sales and Marketing at Netsol, emphasized the partnership's role in providing customers with swift and reliable access to our products, crucial during the product sampling and initial production phases. He highlighted the benefits of leveraging Digi-Key’s logistical prowess to meet customer demands effectively, stating that this collaboration not only broadens our distribution network, especially for North America but also enhances service quality at critical stages. 

This partnership is expected to increase the global availability of Netsol's MRAM products, combining Netsol's innovative memory solutions with Digi-Key's extensive distribution network. This will contribute to enhancing customer satisfaction by making Netsol’s MRAM more accessible to customers worldwide.

Netsol, established in 2010, is a fabless South  Korea-based company.   It specializes in the design and marketing of memory solutions and provides its memory solutions to over 300 companies worldwide.


The company successfully developed STT-MRAM products and, since 2023, has been supplying STT-MRAM solutions for a wide range of applications, including industrial automation, network systems, medical devices, and gaming machines.

This was a sponsored post by Netsol

Posted: Mar 28,2024 by Ron Mertens