The world's first MRAM-based FPGA is ready for production

Menta SAS and LIRMM (The Montpellier Laboratory of Informatics, Robotics, and Microelectronics) has confirmed the tape out of world’s first MRAM-based FPGA. The FPGA is based on Menta's eFGPA Core programmable logic architecture and on CEA-LETI and Crocus's MRAM technology. It is manufactured in CMOS 130nm with magnetic junction in 120nm and provides capacity of 1,444 LUT4, equivalent to approximately 20K logic gates.

Pr Lionel Torres, in charge of the MRAM design project at LIRMM, says that “MRAM-based FPGA proposes better versatility with partial or dynamic re-configurability capabilities, instant on/off total or partial energy saving”.

Posted: Jun 09,2010 by Ron Mertens