Samsung are collaborating with 15 partners on STT-MRAM innovations

Back in June 2013 Samsung Electronics launched a global research outreach program aimed towards STT-MRAM innovation. The Samsung Global MRAM Innovation (SGMI) wanted wanted to reach out to colleges, universities and research labs from all over the world to explore breakthrough and innovative STT-MRAM research.

Samsung ran a short ad campaign on MRAM-Info and Spintronics-Info to help discover partners. Samsung informed us that they received lots of best and most novel proposals on a range of compelling research subjects. They are now collaborating with 15 SGMI partners. Hopefully we'll someday hear of the advances made through these collaborations.

Samsung has been researching MRAM for a long time. In 2011 they acquired Grandis, a developer of STT-MRAM technologies, and later that year they unveiled the world's smallest perpendicular MTJ (at 17 nm).

Posted: Apr 06,2014 by Ron Mertens