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Canon ANELVA (ANalysis ELectronics VAcuum) is a fully owned subsidiary of 
Canon Inc. that manufactures thin film processing equipment for semiconductor, data storage, and display industries based on its 50+ years of experience in vacuum technologies.

Canon ANELVA started developing PVD tool for spintronics in year 1997, when the GMR heads were emerging as a candidate for read heads for hard disk drives. Since then, the company's equipment has evolved to accommodate advancements in read head technologies - from GMR to TMR to low-RA TMR. Leveraging its expertise in magnetic thin films, Canon ANELVA started developing PVD and Etch equipment for MRAM in year 2000.


Currently, for the MRAM industry, Canon ANELVA collaborates with over 20 R&D centers and Device manufactures on 200- and 300-mm-wafer-compliant PVD (sputtering), IBE, and RIE equipment.

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5-1 Kurigi 2-chome, Asao-ku,
Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa