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Canon ANELVA (ANalysis ELectronics VAcuum) is a fully owned subsidiary of
Canon Inc. that manufactures thin film processing equipment for semiconductor, data storage, and display industries based on its 50+ years of experience in vacuum technologies.

Canon ANELVA started developing PVD tool for spintronics in year 1997, when the GMR heads were emerging as a candidate for read heads for hard disk drives. Since then, the company's equipment have evolved to accommodate advancements in read head technologies – from GMR to TMR to low-RA TMR. Leveraging its expertise in magnetic thin films, Canon ANELVA started developing PVD, and Etch equipment for MRAM in year 2000.

Currently, for the MRAM industry, Canon ANELVA offers 200- and 300-mm-wafer-compliant PVD (sputtering), IBE, and RIE equipment.

Company Address

5-1 Kurigi 2-chome, Asao-ku,