Hprobe developed an ultra-fast technology for STT-MRAM device testing

Hprobe, a developer of testing equipment for magnetic devices, announced that it developed a new technology for ultra-fast (

Hprobe will integrate the new technology into its Hprobe ATE systems to drastically enhance the sorting flow of STT-MRAM wafers at major 300mm foundries.

Hprobe‘s new perpendicular magnetic generator is capable of reaching 2 Tesla in a bipolar mode to switch the entire stack of magnetic layers of the STT-MRAM MTJ. The ultra-compact generator with a total volume of less than 30cm3 does not require any liquid cooling system and comes with an RF probing system used to perform the hysteresis curves of MTJs in a record testing time.

On April 2019 Hprobe announced that it has teamed up with the IMEC research institute to jointly extend Hprobe's fast testing protocols for SOT-MRAM devices.

Posted: Aug 04,2019 by Ron Mertens