Freescale’s award-winning MRAM achieves industrial and extended temperature qualification

Freescale Semiconductor today announced the industrial and extended temperature qualification of its award-winning magnetoresistive random access memory (MRAM) products. Freescale's entire 1Mbit, 2Mbit and 4Mbit MRAM families are now available at commercial (0 C to 70 C), industrial (0 C to 85 C) and extended (-40 C to105 C) temperature ranges.

The industrial and extended temperature range MRAM devices are designed to be used in rugged application environments, such as industrial, military, aerospace and automotive designs. The commercial MRAM devices are intended for less environmentally demanding applications, such as networking, security, data storage, gaming and printers.

“Freescale is dedicated to expanding the market for MRAM into all market segments,” said David Bondurant, MRAM product manger at Freescale. “Extended temperature qualification of MRAM demonstrates our industry-leading reliability when compared to other non-volatile memory products.”

MRAM offers exceptional price/performance within the high-density nvRAM market by combining the best features of non-volatile memory and RAM to enable "instant-on" capability and power loss protection in new classes of intelligent electronic devices. In addition, MRAM devices operate at SRAM speeds over a wide range of temperatures without the need for battery-backup. 

Posted: Dec 04,2007 by Ron Mertens