Crocus announced a new STT-MRAM technology that can compete with DRAM and NOR-Flash

Crocus Technology announced the development of a new STT-MRAM technology with a minimum feature size of 50nm that will deliver on the promise of using STT memory in high-density memory applications, that will be competitive with DRAM and NOR-Flash.

Crocus' development addresses two critical problems in the implementation of STT MRAM that have previously hampered competitiveness with other popular memory types: memory bit density and stability. Crocus has developed a magnetic cell with an industry leading dynamic (i.e. sub-10 nanosecond) write current level of 2x10(6) amp/cm(2), e.g. less than 100µA write current per bit, a major milestone which will remove a significant obstacle to bit cell scaling and density. Crocus' STT technology also provides for industry-leading data stability.
Posted: Oct 01,2009 by Ron Mertens