Crocus and TowerJazz to ship MRAM for the BB-SRAM market by the end of the year

Yesterday we reported that Crocus Technology raised €34 million (about $45 million) in their Series D round of funding. Crocus said that part of that money will be used to ramp up its manufacturing at Tower Semiconductors (in Israel), and today they reported about a major breakthrough in that technology development, which they will bring to market by Q4 2013.

Crocus, together with TowerJazz now offers SRAM-performance with non-volatile MRAM. The MRAM solution has demonstrated best-in-class performance and more than two billion cycles of program/erase were demonstrated on a 4M bit NVM product. The first market that the two companies will address is Battery Backed SRAM (BB-SRAM). The MRAM technology offers fast access times, low power and unlimited write cycles - without the need for cost, recharging and long-term disposal of a Lithium battery.

Posted: Jul 17,2013 by Ron Mertens