May 2017

Samsung reaffirms 2018 target for STT-MRAM mass production

During Samsung Electronic's Foundry Forum, the Korean chip maker reaffirmed its goal to start producing STT-MRAM chips in 2018. In fact Samsung now says that it will mass produce these chips next year, while last year it said that 2018 will only see limited production while real mass production will only begin in 2019.

Samsung announced it will produce the 2018 MRAM chips will be produced using 8-nano low power plus (8LMPP) semiconductor foundry process. Samsung sees MRAM produced by 4LPP by 2020.

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Everspin reports its financial results for Q1 2017

MRAM chip maker Everspin reported its financial results for Q1 2017. Revenues reached $7.9 million (up from $6.2 million in Q1 2016) while the net loss was $6.1 million (up from a loss of $4.5 million in Q1 2016). Everspin says that is received strong bookings for its first-generation toggle MRAM products during the quarter, while design activity for both toggle and STT-MRAM chips continue to gain traction.

Everspin 128Kb automotive MRAM photo

Everpin says it was selected by a major auto maker to include its Gen-1 MRAM chips in an emergency call system and a high-end navigation platform.

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