The best of 2018 - top MRAM stories

2018 is soon over - and this was another year of MRAM progress - new MRAM chips are entering production, new MRAM-enhanced devices are released and we are seeing the first adoption of embedded MRAM solutions.

Here are the top 10 stories posted on MRAM-Info in 2018, ranked by popularity (i.e. how many people read the story):

  1. Crocus Nano Electronics successfully tests its 90 nm pMTJ STT-MRAM tech (Jan 10)
  2. Everspin starts to produce commercial 40nm 256Mb STT-MRAM chips (Jan 17)
  3. eVaderis demonstrates an innovative MRAM-based, memory-centric MCU (Jan 3)
  4. Tohoku University develops ultra-small ( (Feb 22)
  5. Everspin announces preliminary Q4 2017 financial results, is set to raise $25 million in a public offering (Feb 10)
  6. GlobalFoundries and eVaderis are developing an ultra-low power eMRAM based MCU reference design (Mar 2)
  7. ARM will launch an eMRAM compiler for Samsung's 28nm FDSOI process by the end of 2018 (Jun 24)
  8. Spin Transfer Technologies announces a breakthrough new STT-MRAM technology (Apr 30)
  9. Imec researchers deposited SOT-MRAM devices on 300 mm wafers (Jun 19)
  10. Mentor to support eVaderis eMRAM technology on its FastSPICE platform (Mar 28)

MRAM is clearly a technology that is slowly but surely gaining ground. it will be interesting to see what will 2019 bring us!

Posted: Dec 27,2018 by Ron Mertens