Avalanche and ISI developed a new wafer level analyzer for STT-MRAM

Avalanche Technology and Integral Solutions International (ISI) have designed a Wafer Level Analyzer, the WLA-3000, to be used in STT-MRAM development.

The WLA-3000 includes specific hardware test modules including nS-range Pulse Generator that quickly measures switching currentse of MTJ devices in STT-MRAM as a function of Pulse Width. Using this Pulse Generator module, customers will be able to perform Error Rate, Switching Probability, Endurance Testing, and Read/Write Disturb analysis in a fraction of time as compared to other slower pulsers.

The WLA-3000 system is fully compatible with ISI’s FMRA-2008 Ferromagnetic Resonance Analyzer to offer the worlds most advanced and complete MTJ sensor analysis.

Posted: Jul 09,2009 by Ron Mertens