Everspin officially announces the world's first ST-MRAM chip, will be available in 2013

A couple of days ago we reported that Everspin will start sampling ST-MRAM chips soon, and today we got official word from Everspin that they are now sampling the first ST-MRAM chip. The EMD3D064M is a 64Mb DDR3 device, and select customers are already evaluation samples. Everspin is currently targeting the enterprise SSD market, to complement flash memory.

Everspin is manufacturing the ST-MRAM chips on its 200mm production line in Chandler, Arizona. The company is working to establish 300 mm MRAM tools and additional fab capacity. The company expects the EMD3D064M to become available in 2013.

Everspin's proprietary Spin-Torque technology uses a spin-polarized current for switching. Data is stored as a magnetic state versus an electronic charge, providing a non-volatile memory bit that does not suffer wear-out or data retention issues associated with Flash technology. The EMD3D064M 64Mb ST- MRAM is functionally compatible with the industry standard JEDEC specification for the DDR3 interface, which delivers up to 1600 million transfers per second per I/O, translating to memory bandwidth of up to 3.2 GBytes/second at nanosecond class latency. The product is offered in an industry standard WBGA package aligned with the DDR3 standard.

Posted: Nov 13,2012 by Ron Mertens