Coughlin sees the MRAM market growing to over $1.3 billion in 2020

A new report from Coughlin Associates says that in the near future we will see dramatic changes in the memory market as as fast non-volatile memories augment and eventually replace volatile memory.

Memory technology shipping storage capacity forecast (Coughlin)

MRAM (and STT-MRAM) annual shipping capacity will rise from 240TB in 2014 to between 15 and 35 PB in 2020. MRAM and STT-RAM revenues are expected to increase from about $300 million in 2014 to between $1.35 and $3.15 billion by 2020.

The increasing demand for MRAM memories will also impact the MRAM manufacturing equipment market - as revenues will rise from an estimated $58.8 million in 2014 to between 159 million and $294 million in 2020.

Flash memory will remain the dominant solid-state storage technology, with all producers moving to 3D flash by 2017. 3D X-Point will impact DRAM production while STT-MRAM will impact SRAM and some DRAM technology. Resistive RAM (RRAM or ReRAM) appears to be a potential replacement for flash memory sometime in the next decade.

Posted: Nov 15,2015 by Ron Mertens