VDC research is performing an MRAM user satisfaction survey, help them out!

Global research firm VDC is presently conducting a worldwide MRAM user satisfaction research study for embedded hardware and embedded software development professionals, product managers and directors, and technology procurement specialists. VDC’s brief 16-question online survey is designed to capture confidential feedback from both early adopters of MRAM, as well as organizations that have chosen not to adopt MRAM at this time.

“VDC sees the global market for MRAM in 2011 at a critical inflection point for potential growth,” said VDC analyst Richard Dean. “With a number of well-funded start-up firms already shipping commercially to customers or expecting to begin shipping this year, MRAM adoption appears to be gaining considerable momentum. However, challenges remain, particularly as MRAM suppliers attempt to define their value propositions against competing incumbent memory technology.”

All survey participants will receive an executive summary of VDC’s forthcoming research report “Embedded Processors 2010 – 2014: Global Market Demand Analysis.

Posted: Jan 07,2011 by Ron Mertens