Grandis announced it has appointed Farhad Tabrizi as the company’s president and chief executive officer (CEO). Tabrizi assumes the position from William Almon, Grandis co-founder, who remains a major shareholder.

“I am pleased to be joining a company with leading-edge memory developments supported by top industry technologists. Based on my experience in semiconductor memory, I see that its existing cell architectures are quickly reaching their technology limits. Compared to competitive alternatives, I sincerely feel STT-RAM (spin-transfer torque RAM technology) has the best potential for becoming the next generation unified memory architecture, replacing SRAM, NOR, DRAM and eventually NAND. Our initial prototype looks highly promising, and we will soon be ready to go to market,” said Tabrizi.

Grandis Inc. is a world leader in the development of STT-RAM. It is a non-volatile, fast, highly scalable memory which uses a spin-polarized current to switch magnetic bits. STT-RAM is a second generation mmagnetic random access memory (MRAM), which solves the writing current scaling problem associated with conventional MRAM.