Spingate invented a nonvolatile field-programmable gate array (FPGA) technology employing the company's proprietary spin logic. The spin logic represents an elegant synthesis of conventional CMOS logic with embedded magnetic tunnel junctions (MTJs) residing above the silicon. The embedded MTJs use a spin induced writing mechanism to reverse a magnetization in a storage magnetic layer. The proper use of these MTJs enable the entire circuit to be non-volatile.

The company has several pending patents that cover basic components of the new technology: logic gates, latches, flip-flops, adders, multiplexers, etc. According to Spingate, the nonvolatile FPGA technology has an excellent scalability and almost zero power consumption in a standby mode of operation. It can provide a significant reduction of interconnects and chip size. The new technology can effectively compete with existing FPGA technologies in price and performance.

The company is looking for a strategic partner for development and commercialization of the proprietary nonvolatile FPGA technology.