US-based Grandis was established in 2002 to develop STT-MRAM technologies.

Grandis collaborated with Renesas and Hynix, and was acquired by Samsung in 2011 (in what was considered a very successful exit for its investors). Grandis raised $15 million since it was founded in 2002, and also raised about the same from DARPA grants including a $8.6 million second-phase project granted in June 2010.

The latest Grandis news:

Singulus announces additional order received for MRAM application from Grandis

Singulus technologies today announced the sale of a TIMARIS thin-film deposition system for MRAM wafer production to GRANDIS in Silicon Valley/USA. The two companies also signed a collaborative agreement on advanced TMR film development for MRAM (magnetic random access memory).

Dr. Yiming Huai, CTO and VP Engineering of GRANDIS remarked that "the newly-developed SINGULUS TIMARIS system allows us to accelerate the development of our STT-RAM technology". STT-RAM is a type of MRAM that employs spin transfer torque writing technology to overcome the high write currents and scaling limitations of conventional MRAM. As a result, STT-RAM is extendable to the 65 nm node and below.

Roland Lacher, CEO of SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES, commented: "The collaboration with GRANDIS is important to our company and is aimed at developing new TMR thin-film processes on the TIMARIS platform. TMR technology will be a key element in the production of next-generation MRAM. GRANDIS is a world leader in this area and works with companies such as RENESAS in Japan".