The NEC Group focuses on two core areas of business: integrated IT / network solutions and semiconductor.

NEC has been developing MRAM technologies for a long time, collaborating with both TMSC and Toshiba. NEC are also working on perpendicular MRAM. NEC planned to commercialize pMTJ-based MRAM chips by 2010, but that plan did not materialize.

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The latest NEC MRAM news:

TSMC, NEC, Toshiba describe novel MRAM cells

TSMC claims to have developed novel MRAM structures based on a 0.18-micron process and a pillar write word line (PWWL) cell. The company proposes to shrink the bit size by a "so-called ExtVia process" while reducing the writing current by a factor of two.
Toshiba and NEC jointly presented a paper on a low-power 6F2 MRAM based on a cross-point cell. The 1-megabit MRAM chip is said to have been manufactured in a 130-nm process and a 0.24 x 0.48-micron2 magnetic tunnel junction technology. The chip is said to have a 250-ns access time and 1.5-volt operations. "To suppress the sneak current, a cell design is proposed for the new (cross-point) cell with a hierarchical bit line architecture".