Tegal Corporation today announced that Crocus Technology SA, a startup company specializing in magneticrandom access memory (MRAM), has placed an order for a Tegal 6500series critical plasma etch system outfitted with Spectra(TM) processmodules. Crocus Technology SA of Grenoble, France recently received $17M in funding to commercialize MRAM technology and is in the processof starting a prototype and pilot plant for MRAM production.

The Tegal 6500 series tool features the Spectra ICP plasma sourceoptimized for the etching of magnetic thin films for GMR/TMR magnetichead and MRAM memory device technology. The Spectra reactor is anextension of Tegal's patented dual frequency technology for thepatterning of difficult-to-etch metal and metal oxide films based oninductively coupled plasma (ICP) technology. The Tegal 6550 alsoincorporates a dual-chamber platform with patented rinse-strip-rinseprocess capability that is proven to eliminate corrosion in thinmagnetic materials. Tegal's approach to magnetic thin film etchingincludes its proprietary "Stop-on-Dielectric" process capability.