Research and Markets has announced the addition of Magneto resistive Random Access Memories (MRAM) Summary to their offering.

MRAM is the first radically new memory technology to show real commercial promise for many years. This report summarizes the extensive market research that has been done in the MRAM market and extends the coverage of MRAM provided in the Emerging Memory Technologies report. MRAM is already being commercialized and this report examines why MRAM is becoming one of the first complex nano-engineered products to hit the marketplace. It also takes a look at the challenges that this technology faces and provides a table indicating which market sectors are likely to use MRAM and when, and what their reasons for adoption would be. Sectors covered include mobile computing, cell phones and other handhelds, portable recording and other playback devices, home computing and consumer electronics, enterprise computing and telecommunications, control systems and embedded computing, and disposable electronics. Another table reviews the activities of approximately 15 actual and likely suppliers of MRAM including both giants, such as Freescale, and less well-known start-ups. The report ends with an analysis of the available marketing strategies in the MRAM market and a forecast of MRAM revenues over the next eight years.